We are RFK Linkshell

We are an End-Game Linkshell on the Nasomi server. Stay a while and see what we’ve been up to.

see what we've been up to
  • Leader: Farside
  • Sackholders: Cthalupa, Rekuza, Kulgan, Xenofire, Okamigirl, Aioko
April 4, 2020

Rich Fat Kids Drops Late March

Busy Late March with Covid-19 quarantine.  We got some Nidds, some Fafs,…
April 2, 2020

Relic Rumble

What is Relic Rumble you ask? Farside, our gracious leader, prepared a…
March 7, 2020

Rich Fat Kids Drops Early March

Virtuous Saints!  First AV attempt. First AV kill!   Stevesy (aka Bob…