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Early January

I have been super busy at work so I hadn’t been able to do my weekly updates. With that said, here is a very long list of some of our January exploits.

And welcome to all the new members.

A. Bodies: Cthalupa, Rekuza

E. Bodies: Rag(g)ing

N Legs: Luvia & Okamigirl

M. Bodies: Luvia, Mahben, Terron, Infi, Rekuza

Hauteclair: Rekuza

Algol: Okami

Striders: Couple pair dropped

2 Shadow Lords: Mantle & Ring

4-5 Kirins: W. Legs (Aioko & Farside)

Many Other Items- Sorry for not knowing it all. It was a long stretch and I’ve been slammed.

RFK Relic Completion News

Farside- Spharai

One punch man finished his 27th relic. Grats mega boss!


One seriously pimped out Taru.


Grats Fry guy!


Galka powa!!!!


Grats bud!

Demonslicer- G Horn

Play dat funky music white boy.