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Early March 2020

Virtuous Saints!  First AV attempt. First AV kill!


  • Stevesy (aka Bob Villa)

  • Plums

  • Satchy

  • Dosho

Figs- Heralds Gaiters

So wonderful, so deserving and now so fast!

Vrtra x 2

Typical WC

  • Seed
  • Truemythx

  • Karpathis

  • Shikigami
  • Uchiha

  • Shikigami

  • Botan

  • Lory
  • Fhuri
  • Cuz
  • Uchiha

One in 14 mins!

  • Chucho
  • Lory
  • Okami
  • Aioko

  • Pink
  • Tristt
  • Infiltration
  • Seed

  • Plaz

Ace’s Helm: Asrafil, Lory

Haidate: Fhuri, Rhasgull

Striders: Couple pair dropped

Serket Ring: Couple dropped to one of our most dedicated NM hunters

Many Other Items- Sorry for not knowing it all.

RFK Relic Completion News

Fry- Mandau

Fry guy with another relic., Grats dude!

Fruitcake- Bravura

I got axe for you!  Grats ya fruit!