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Late March 2020

Busy Late March with Covid-19 quarantine.  We got some Nidds, some Fafs, a couple more AV kills, outside jailers, Vrtras, Tiamats, Cerbs, Khims, and even got to do the Cerb ZNM. There we definitely some interesting moments in DA and at Tia. Overall, it was a good few weeks.

Tiger King, Castlevania, a resurgence of Shadow of the Colossus has filled in some open time and we’re all getting used to working from home.

Stay healthy IN there folks. Check up on your loved ones! Well wishes to all in our perverse Nasomi group.

Defending Ring!

This was a nice early morning treat. Grats Kulgan!

Two more AVs

  • Chucho

  • Lory-chan
  • Plaz

  • Britt

  • Tristt
  • Luvia

  • Fry
  • Okamigril

  • Pinto
  • Briseis

White Coney

  • Aioko. Long time coming with those WCs

  • Dominate
  • Uchiha

  • Plaz

Couple Vrtras

  • Satchy
  • Pintobean
  • Uchiha
  • Tru My Thanks

  • Dominate

  • Trixie
  • Celebritor

  • Dominate
  • Britt
  • Kulgan

  • Aioko
  • Kashish

Sadly couldn’t find a 30m “legit” sale

  • Asrafil

  • Fhuri – 7+ GD Months!!!!! Thanks fam.

  • Okamigirl after many hours at Khim

  • Tahi
  • Xenofire

  • Otis
  • Atreyus

  • Cuz

  • Pink
  • Tristt
  • Infiltration
  • Seed

  • Kulgan putting in work!

  • True My Thanks
  • Kapi

Other notable Drops…

Ace’s Helm: Got helm for a few members

Haidate: Karp(finally! 46th time is a charm :p)

Striders: Couple pair dropped

Also had some Serket Rings, VV Rings, Bloodbead Rings, Homam & more

RFK Relic Completion News

Farside- Yoichi

Another relic in the stable for RFK’s main man! Go celebrate with some Jollybees.

Kulgan- Excalibur

Kulgan’s pld becoming a beast. Grats on another relic

Spathi- G Horn

Grats Spathi. I still believe


Kulgan is my Spanish Lolita. :p