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It has been a busy, busy week. And to think it’s only our second week doing kings. Omega still being super stingy on legs. Keep up the great work team!

Congrats all on your well earned drops! See what all transpired….

– I will say that we got fucked hard by Nasomi doing a timer updated during our first KB. We were low man and had it down to 14% then Nasomi reset the cluster.

Sunday: 10-13-19

Aspid: A. Body (Rekuza & Lory), W. Body (Macs), M. Feet (Raging). Egg (Rekuza)
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Behemoth: Cash Drops

Fafnir: ?

Monday: 10-14-19

Turtle: turtle bullsh!t drops

Fafnir: N Head?

Tuesday: 10-15-19

Turtle: turtle bullsh!t drops

Behemoth: Cash Drops

Nidhogg: A. Body (Macs), E. Body (Farside). N. Legs (Tristt & Otis), M. Body (Kulgan)

Wednesday: 10-16-19

Aspid: A. Body (Slk), M. Feet (Kulgan), D Feet (back to the mud – Floored)

King Behemoth: M. Legs (Raging), A. Feet(Verity), Pixie (Raging). Tongue (Rekuza)

Fafnir: Ridill (Macs),  A. Feet (Kulgan), N. Head (Tristt)

Thursday: 10-17-19

Fafnir: Ridill (Plums),  A. Hands (Okamigirl), N. Head (Raging)

Friday: 10-18-19

Aspid: A. Body (Fry & Avee), W. Body (Lucipurr)

Behemoth: cash drops

Fafnir: N. Head (Rekuza)

Saturday: 10-18-19

Fafnir: N. Head (Brittini), A. Feet (Azalie)

Turtle: 1v17 claim (go magic fruits!)



YAY LOOT!!!!!!

get dem goodies

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