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October 20th - 27th

Trying to stay busy at camps. Had good turn outs, just bad luck on the auto-claims. Also had some Limbus, Sea, Dynas, notable relic progressions, and a KC drop throughout the week.

Rostrum Pumps: Congrats to Cnomous, Smils, Seed & Kulgan, Alltheheals, Slk, Brittini, Cthalupa, Macs, Lucipurr, Rekuza

Turtle: Nothing Special

Nidhogg: E Body (Lucipurr), A Body (Pears & Missiles), M Body (Fry & Plums), N Legs (Infiltration). Good stuff- grats!

Omega: Legs (Plums), Hands (Fry), Hands (Lory), Body (Avee)

Fafnir: N Head (Fruitcake), A. Feet(Infiltration), Assjammer(someone)

Simmie: Strider Boots! Grats!

BQ Rings: Grats Kulgan, Fhuri

Grats on Dyna Bastok & wins to those who needed it.

Also congrats to more relic progressions.