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November 4th - November 10th

Moderate week on the kings front but we killed the Dynamis Lord on our first try and LS mates have done a lot on the relic front. Expect a few new relics in the coming week or two. We’ve also done loads of sea farming- Jailers soon!

Aspid: A. Body (Alltheheals), M. Feet (Uchiha), D. Feett (Uchiha)

Omega: –

Behe: Multiple Hides

Fafnir: N. Head (Uchiha & Lory)

Dynamis Lord: Shadow Ring (Plums), Shadow Mantle (Chucho)

Not bad for our first DL eh??

Also congrats to dyna wins, relic armor, swift belts, mission/quest advancements and more relic progressions.