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November 11th - November 17th

Very good week for a lot of folks. RFK getting stronger by the day. Much love to everyone’s hard work and congratulations to some hard earned drops.

Also, huge congratulations to Alex on the baby!!!!

Nidhogg: A. Body (Xenofire), E. Body (Fhuri), M. Body (Plaz), Beard (Plums)

Fafnir(3): Ridill!! (Okamigirl), N. Head (Plums, Fhuri, Kulgan), A. Feet (Missles, Dosho), A. Hands (FuriousCartman, Verity), Beard (Farside), E. Hands (Tristt, Xenofire), Expert Claim (Farside)

King Behemoth: Pixie (Rekuza), E. Legs (Tristt), Tongue (Kulgan) THE MOST EPIC CLAIM EVER!

Simurgh: Boots (Lory)- grats bud, about time!

Verity solo’d Serket on WHM and got full drops! Awesome fight man!

We also had an epic Dynamis Beaucedine on Saturday that included 7 BLM bodies, 4 RDM bodies, and multiple paper drops. Grats all!

Bigger jailers are on the horizon.

RFK Relic Completion News

Tristt- Amano

Also, big grats to Tristt on Aman0howeveritsspelled…. Relic Great Katana!!!

Fhuri- Apoc

Grats to me on Apoc, thanks for all the help Farside- you’re the man! Owe you big- can’t thank you enough! Now get some homam pants ya n00b.

This adds two more badass weapons to the plethora of RFK relics and, as always, looking good fellas…