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November 25th - December 1st

Happy Thanksgiving all to all our Nasomi players and their families.
Get stuffed nerds!

Aspid: A. Body (Rekuza-shelf), M. Feet (Lucipurr), Egg (Farside)

Fafnir: Ridill (Plaz), A. Feet (Lory), N. Head (Missiles)

Omega: Legs (Plaz), Feet (Fry, Smithra), Body (Nekozuka)

Striders: Lucipurr, Kulgan

Did a couple gods as well.

RFK Relic Completion News

Plums- Apocalypse

Grats Plums! Long time coming. Enjoy it in all its glory!

Plaz- Apocalypse

Another Apoc in the LSĀ  to Plaz. I know he enjoyed this drop-filled week.

I love the smell of Catastrophe in the morning.

Apocalypse Now indeed.