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December 15th - December 22nd

Welcomed a few new members and had a decent week all around.

Dynamis Lord: Ring (Chucho), MAntle (Lucipur)

Fafnir: N. Head (Otis, Alltheheals)

Nidhogg: E. Body (Plums), A. Body (Dosho), N. Legs (Aioko, Fhuri), M. Body (Mizu)

Aspid: A. Body (Kulgan), W. Body (Plaz), Egg (Shaiva)

Striders: Macs

Also did more Relic papers, some Sky, a little Limbus, and more.

RFK Relic Completion News

Farside- Apocolypse

Grats my man.

“You may be a king or street sweeper, but sooner or later you’ll dance with the reaper. Get down with your bad selves.”