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December 2nd - December 8th

Not much on the Kings front.

Had another DL kill, some sweet new relics and new 12% Nikes.

Dynamis Lord: Shadow Mantle (Fry)

Omega: Legs (Tristt, Plaz, Lory), Hands (Nekozuna), Feet (Nekozuna)

Striders: Kulgan, and someone else? (sorry long week at work)

Super smooth Kill. Also, follow Plum’s stream!

RFK Relic Completion News

Okamigirl- Mandau

Another Mandau. Grats Wolf!

Aioko- Mandau

Grats, Aioko. Coming back with a vengeance.

Cthalupa- Mandau

Well deserved for a LS member that does so much. Also, chili can have beans!

That’s a good knife.