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Late January - February

Still super busy at work so FFXI has had to take a back seat to RL for the past few weeks. Our members had done some amazing shit including getting our first Tiamat & Vrtra and branching into ToAU HNMs like Cerb and Khim.

Welcome to all the new members and some old members who have returned.

Also, great job on that shitshow of a Nid… Twice…


Buying a M Body 27m + selling out your LS for the gil = 2 dumbfucks.

A. Bodies: Brittini, Tahi, Infiltration, Pinto, Plaz, Pedals, Vee

E. Bodies: Infiltration, Otis, Xenofire, Fruitcake

N Legs: Lory, Macs

M. Bodies: Okamigirl (coulda sold for 25m+)

Ridill: Satchy, Kapi, Tristt, Xenofire

Seveneyes: Okamigirl, Tristt

N. Head: Satchy, Brattod, Cathatwopa, Dominate

Sky Drops: 7 W Legs, Multiple N. Bodies, Couple Haidate & more

Xarc: Shhadow Mantle, 5 frags, 2 thf, 2 rdm, 2 blm

Algol: Otis

Striders: Couple pair dropped

Serket Ring: Couple dropped to one of our most dedicated NM hunters

Speed Belts: 3 dropped to a very lucky member (Grats my dude!)

R. Pump Run: many members

Many Other Items- Sorry for not knowing it all. It has been a very long stretch and I’ve been slammed but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

RFK Relic Completion News


Grats to our most friendly neighbor from the north!

Kulgan- Spharai

The Spaniard of many relics has upgraded the mnk!